Safari Kingdom

The Team

Get to know the team behind the project
Our team is made up of a diverse group of core members that have experience in blockchain development, project tokenomics and mechanics, systems and IT management, marketing, community management, and NFT projects.
This team was not formed randomly, they have been working together already for almost a year in previous project. It was the fastest ROI P2E project ever created in Crypto history. With the experience in the P2E project, they group again to have new breakthrough on meme + NFT project.
The community already get used to calling him as DNS, so he will appear as DNS with his server profile picture here. Graduated in Master of Information System, DNS started his career as an IT consultant in Thomson Reuters, Singapore. Currently he is the Head of Information Technology in a MNC Financial Firm. During the pandemic back in 2020, he started jump into Crypto space. DNS managed more than 100 scholars in few top flight P2E projects before co-founding Ancient Raid.
Mei Sheng
Mei Sheng, Co-Founder – Crypto enthusiast from China. 5 years in Crypto Space with multiple investment in highly profitable projects.
Lee, Co-Founder - Crypto Investor with vast experience on sustainable economy and ecosystem.
Goku, CTO – 5 years of blockchain experience. Previous experience on P2E and Utility projects.
Anthony S.
Anthony S., Chief Designer - NFT enthusiast, 8 Years in Multimedia arts industry. Involved in multiple play to earn projects.
Michael D.
Michael D., CMO – Expert in handling the marketing and project expansion. Works with few new setup projects and bring up their MC to billions
Brandon L.
Brandon L., CM – Social Media Engager, Moderator, Shiller, 3 years experience in crypto space , Part-time web designer, and experienced python programmer