Safari Kingdom


Staking $SK

Safari Kingdom is delighted to offer staking options for our holders, and with our incredible APY rates, staking your SK tokens has never been more rewarding. We always believe both token holder and NFT holder need to be rewarded.
Staking is a great way to earn more SK while also supporting the project and helping to drive growth. When you stake your tokens, you're essentially locking them up for a certain period of time, which helps to reduce the circulation supply at the market.
In future, we will explore different type of rewarding token to the holders, such as Stablecoin, BNB, ETH, or even Bitcoin if situation allowed.

Staking SK/BNB LP

Another staking option will provided where the holder choose to pair their $SK with BNB and put into the Liquidity Pool.
It's important to have a good Liquidity Pool. It will give a strong confidence level for investor to invest into Safari Kingdom.